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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Job #2...the kids!

So a few months ago I started working at the YMCA after school care program. I had been going to work at the photography studio for 3 hrs (my eyes can only take so much) and then I'd come home.....and just felt unproductive. Some of my online endeavors had not gone as well as I had planned so I decided to search for another part time job that would allow me to keep my job at the studio. This was what fit...so now I go to the studio in the morning and then I get an hour for lunch (barely) and then off to watch the children for 3 hours! :)

The following are pics of my kids at play and some of them posing with their flowers! There are also a few random shots I took while at work. I enjoy it....but its hard to handle 20 kids....even though there are 3 of us! So if you know of anyone who needs a babysitter/nanny (in Lafayette mainly)...let me know!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Afternoon in the park!

I have the afternoons off this week because the kids (at my afternoon job at the YMCA) have off for Easter! Soooo I went to the park for an hour or so after I got off work at the Photography studio and took some photos. I am trying to not only take pictures of obvious beauty but to also capture random truths or statements that I didn't pose! hehe! I hope that made sense! The following pics are of my excursion this afternoon and a few other pics that I hope you will enjoy and get a feel for what I mean about not posed moments. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions! Thanks!

Random bugs!

Here is more of my bug collection:) I find myself taking a picture of a flower and then I look around and there are bugs everywhere. So I take advantage of the situation and snap a picture. I hope you enjoy my random finds;) Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The bugs come to me :)

I have recently started to take more pictures with the intention of selling them as stock photos on bigstockphoto.com and also to sell them to individuals. I work all day which makes taking pictures kind of hard. I work at the YMCA in the afternoon and decided to take pics in the playground while the kids play. It worked out and I got some good shots and that is where my bug collection started! :) Beehavior is the first of many bug pictures! I hope you enjoy.

Trying new things!

My sister had the idea for me to share about my photography and writings and other crafts in a blog. I am going to give it a shot and see what happens! I enjoy all of the crafty things I do and I am pretty sure it runs in the family! Soon I will be posting some of my poetry, photographs, and examples of my retouchings.

I hope to find an audience who is not only interested in the art itself but also in its birth.